Gujarat government announced a common GDCR (General Development Control Regulations), a common set of rules for construction in urban areas across the state.

However, these common rules will not apply to Gandhinagar, the capital city.

Currently, seven municipal corporations and 157 municipalities have their own development control rules.

In order to bring parity in construction norms existing in different cities across Gujarat, the state government decided to put in place a common set of performance and administrative regulations for cities and towns of the state. It also made an important decision of doing away non-agriculture (NA) certificate for town planning schemes that have already been implemented in urban areas and simultaneously eased norms for individuals wanting to build private residences.

Making it easier for individuals to build houses in the state, the Gujarat government said any construction of private homes up to 125 square metres can be undertaken by a land owner in any town or city under municipal corporation or any other local body by producing just an affidavit along with a few related documents, including an approval from a competent official.

The state government also decided to bring in uniform regulation for constructions for municipal corporations, urban development authorities and municipalities in all municipal corporations. After this decision, all the local bodies that fall under the Town Planning Act will have common format for presenting construction plans, application forms, construction norms, etc. Apart from this, norms related to rain water harvesting, grey water recycling, fire-fighting, lifts and others will also be made similar.

As per the GDCR, in all urban areas, approval for the height of new building will depend on the width of the road along which it is being built.

Maximum height permissible for new constructions across the state will be 70 meters. In earthquake-prone areas, especially in cities and towns of Kutch district, the maximum height will be 10 meters

Further, there will be same Floor Space Index (FSI) across the state.


Common GDCR – Town Planning and Valuation Department