Laser light is beam of straight running normal rays. So that it is a strongest. Device is made by our scientists that works based on this, voice waves has to be travel in straight line in beam. Device named ‘Long Range Acoustic Device’.

Long Range Acoustic Device

Any voice is produced and voice frequency is made in circular wave travel a long distance and when the it travel distance long it frequency becomes low. Voice waves produced by Acoustic device and the waves run in single straight line direction. This device is made voice bigger than our Loudspeaker. You will be surprised to know but hustle the piracy people in seas and from the bolded forests this device is very useful.

Human ears can listen maximum 130db voice frequency. And this acoustic device can produce more than 160db voice frequency and you could assume that this type of higher frequency can damage human ears and so painful to human body so they terrorist run away from the forest.

Typical Sound Levels shows in Image.

The precautions taken when testing or preparing a system based on an LRAD type speaker is insane. You can inflict permanent hearing damage on the listeners if you calibrate the system incorrectly.

In acoustic device there are thousands of Piezoelectric metal wires held in. When electric current passing through this wire ,device is made louder voice immediately.

Also It can be used in cities to hustle the group of terrorists. Nowadays we use high pressure water and tear gas.